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About Us

As the name “CLAUDE” goes was the legendary scientist who discovered the luminous gas “NEON” in the year 1910 in France. He was a French scientist who discovered the neon gas which on activation with cold cathodes could produce light and one could customize the shape of the light. The technology has come a long way as one can see long lasting energy efficient compact lamps, in the market all over the world, (commonly known as C C F L) which is the abbreviation of cold cathode compact fluorescent lamp technology. Our founder Mr. M.L. Shangari is recognized as a living legend of glass lamp technology in India since the last 5 decades. He had the devotion of naming the organization after the great scientist George Claude.

Our business development crosses complimentary business lines to create a range of additional products and service solutions for our customers which has been and remains today a key to our continued success and growth. We always pursue the latest developments in design and manufacturing to keep pace with the ever changing needs of our customers and combine our ingenuity, engineering prowess and customer focus to help clients in their visual communication needs. We focus on creating value and understanding our customers working side-by-side to jointly develop solution that are simple and manageable. We take a long-term, relationship oriented approach to business due to which we have an outstanding reputation in the industry. We believe in having a good rapport with our employees and clients and till today, we have many of our original employees and customers since our humble beginning. We always strive to be the best and this can be possible only with your support.

Claudeneons- The Leader

Following are the salient features our USP and your answer to the reasons as to why should a job of signage to be entrusted to Claudeneons:-

  • 55 Years old organization with lot of experience and track record of delivering successful products.
  • All the modern technologies available in house under one roof, so you get best possible products, & alternatives.
  • In house design team consisting of Graphic designers, Interior designers & Architects capable of providing design solutions & consultancy.
  • In house team of applicators consisting of CAD/CAM operators, experienced technicians, site supervisors & engineers.
  • Nationwide proven capability of carrying out projects.
  • Very strong commitment to quality discouraging AMC’s or after sales costs, by delivering quality product & durable commissioning.
  • Very effective, experienced marketing team.
  • Prompt & efficient after sales service.
  • Very much in touch with evolving international technologies & applying them.
  • Using branded/authentic material for producing signage performance proven carrying out quality & safety measures as well as warranties.
  • Customer satisfaction first delights us the most .Will promise and deliver, only what we are capable of no false or wrong promises.
  • Complete Solutions for producing means an experienced team who are sensitive to design, feasibility of reproducing in 3D form, right materials, color scheme, font styles,projection thicknesses, technology to be chosen.

And there are many more reasons which will make your interaction with Claude Neons a delightful satisfactory experience. !